Terms and Conditions

Direction Terms & Conditions

It is very important to have knowledge about the instructions- Essential Guidelines- 

1. We request you that if you are suffering from any kind of disease then you should get your treatment done under the supervision of an experienced doctor because taking medicine without doctor’s advice and using more than one path together is harmful. It is possible 

2. If you suffer any kind of loss due to the prescriptions or formulas given in our website, then you will be responsible for it, because taking these prescriptions wrongly can cause adverse effects. Apart from this, the effect of Ayurvedic remedies varies due to the nature of the patient, time and climate. 

3. While taking medicine, you should take full care of your food and drink because in any disease along with the use of medicine, abstinence also plays an important role in curing the disease. 

4. Before giving any medicine to the patient, it is necessary to know the reason behind the origin of the disease. It is very important to take complete information from the patient about the reason for which the disease has arisen, because due to incomplete knowledge, the patient has some disease and he is given medicine for some other disease. As a result, instead of ending the disease of the patient, it turns into an incurable disease. 

5. Knowledge of pure diet is very important to make the body healthy and strong, because with this information, you can eliminate incurable to incurable diseases from the root and make the body completely disease free. 

6. Some medicines in each path are very effective on some diseases. 

7. Every pathy has been invented out of necessity because a young and strong man can be benefited by massage, acupressure, acupuncture, hardpathies and medicines, but patients suffering from incurable diseases, physically weak and old patients cannot be subjected to these pathys. cannot be used. 

8. The principles of Ayurveda and Homeopathic are absolutely similar because Homeopathic has originated from Ayurveda itself like- poison can be removed only by poison, thorn can be removed only by thorn. 

9. While examining the symptoms of the patient, the doctor should take special care of three things, first-seeing, second-sparsh (touching) and third-questioning or asking questions to the patient. According to the great sage ‘Sushrut’, the reality of any kind of disease can be easily identified through these 5 senses ear, skin, eye, tongue, nose. 

10. The doctor should treat the patient only after taking full information about his physical strength, condition, nature etc. from the Timardar (patient’s caretaker). 

11. Before treating the doctor, the patient should take a little medicine and study whether this medicine is compatible with the physical nature of the patient or not. 

12. Just as a teacher cannot be qualified without complete knowledge of grammar, in the same way no medicine should be used without complete knowledge about the disease, because the merits and demerits of each medicine are different. 

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