Himalaya Hadjod Tablet: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects and More

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Joint pain and musculoskeletal issues can significantly lower your quality of life. While prescription medications are commonly used for relief, they can come with adverse effects. This has led many people to explore natural solutions for maintaining joint health.

One such option is Himalaya Hadjod tablets an Ayurvedic supplement made from the medicinal plant Cissus quadrangularis (Hadjod). Used for centuries in Ayurveda for its bone and joint benefits, Hadjod is now available as a convenient tablet form.

In this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Himalaya Hadjod tablets their key ingredients, benefits for joint and bone health, recommended dosage, potential side effects, and more. Whether you’re looking to manage arthritis symptoms or improve joint strength and flexibility, read on to see if these Ayurvedic tablets may be right for you.

What is Hadjod?

Hadjod, also known as Cissus quadrangularis, is a perennial medicinal plant that belongs to the grape family Vitaceae.

Origin and Distribution

  • Native to tropical regions of Asia and Africa
  • Found in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Nigeria, etc.
  • Grows in wastelands, roadsides, gravelly grounds
  • Can survive dry seasons due to water-storing stem and roots

Physical Appearance

  • Succulent vine growing 1-2 meters long
  • Stems are quadrangular shaped with internodes and forked tendrils
  • Simple, heart-shaped leaves arranged oppositely
  • Small yellowish-green flowers develop into red fleshy fruits of 6-10mm diameter

Common Names

  • Adamant creeper, veldt grape, devil’s backbone
  • Asthisamharaka, hadbhanga (Sanskrit)
  • Pirandai (Tamil)

Medicinal Parts

  • Stems and leaves used medicinally
  • Stems rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, manganese, phosphorus
  • Also contains phytochemicals like resveratrol, beta-carotene, vitamin C, quercetin, flavonoids

Traditional Medicinal Uses

  • Used in Ayurveda and other traditional medicinal systems
  • Prescribed for healing fractures, treating arthritis, improving bone and joint health
  • Has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties

Himalaya Hadjod Tablet Ingredients

Himalaya Hadjod tablets contain Asthisamhara (Cissus quadrangularis) stem extract as the primary active ingredient. Each tablet contains 250 mg of this extract.

Cissus quadrangularis, also known as Hadjod, is a plant traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for promoting bone and joint health.

Asthisamhara (Cissus quadrangularis) stem extract (250 mg per tablet)– Promotes bone and joint health by strengthening bones and recovering bone integrity
– Relieves pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and other joint conditions
– Improves joint mobility and flexibility
– Accelerates fracture healing and restores tensile strength of bones
– Helps in building the chemical composition of fractured and weak bones
– Assists in preventing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

The benefits of Himalaya Hadjod tablets can be attributed to the various bioactive constituents present in the Cissus quadrangular

Himalaya Hadjod Tablet Benefits

Himalaya Hadjod tablets offer a variety of benefits for joint health:

1. Promotes Bone and Joint Health

Hadjod, also known as Cissus quadrangularis, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to promote bone and joint health. The stem extract of Hadjod contains compounds that help strengthen bones and improve bone integrity.

Regular use of Hadjod can assist in preventing bone-related disorders like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. The nutrients in Hadjod, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and antioxidants help improve bone mineral density and keep bones strong.

2. Relieves Pain and Inflammation

Hadjod has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation associated with arthritis and other joint issues.

Compounds like ketosterones and antioxidants in Hadjod help inhibit inflammatory cytokines, reduce joint fluid accumulation, and ease stiffness and discomfort. This provides effective relief for joint ache and pain.

3. Improves Mobility and Flexibility

By easing joint pain and enhancing bone and cartilage health, Hadjod improves mobility and flexibility of the joints.

With reduced inflammation and discomfort, the range of motion of joints gets better over time with Hadjod use. This leads to improved physical function and eased movement.

3. Strengthens Bones, Muscles, and Ligaments

Hadjod contains nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin C that play an important role in the growth, repair and strength of bony tissue, muscles, and ligaments.

By improving the tensile strength and mineral content of bones and connective tissue, Hadjod guards against conditions like fractures, sprains, and bone loss.

4. Treats Arthritis Symptoms

Multiple studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Hadjod in treating osteoarthritis symptoms. The anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and bone strengthening effects provide relief from arthritis pain and stiffness.

By protecting cartilage, managing synovial inflammation, and reducing cytokine production, Hadjod can effectively tackle the root causes and symptoms of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

5. Other Benefits

In addition to bone and joint health, Hadjod also supports digestion and immunity due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory effects. The bioactive compounds in Hadjod promote overall health and wellbeing.

Himalaya Hadjod Tablet: Dosage and Usage

The recommended dosage for Hadjod tablets is:

  • Adults: 2 tablets twice daily or as advised by the physician
  • Children: 1 tablet twice daily or as directed by doctor

Hadjod tablets should be taken with meals. The tablets should not be crushed or broken but swallowed as a whole with water.

To get good results, Hadjod needs to be taken for at least 2-3 months. However, some people may see improvements within the first few weeks itself.

It’s best to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner to get personalized dosage and usage instructions for your condition.

Himalaya Hadjod Tablet: Side Effects and Warnings

When taken as directed, Hadjod does not produce any major side effects. Minor side effects can include:

  • Mild gastric discomfort
  • Bloating
  • Loose stools

Hadjod should be avoided in cases of:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding (consult doctor first)
  • Gastrointestinal ulcers
  • Hyperacidity
  • Recent surgery

Do not take Hadjod along with other NSAIDs, painkillers or anticoagulants. Maintain a gap of 1-2 hours between taking these medicines and Hadjod.

Overall, Hadjod has an excellent safety profile but check with a doctor before using it if you have any medical condition or are on any medication.

Where to Buy

Here are some tips on where to buy authentic Himalaya Hadjod tablets:

  • Official Himalaya Website – Buying directly from the Himalaya Wellness website ensures you get 100% genuine products. They often have deals and discounts too.
  • Reputable Online Pharmacies – Well-known online pharmacy stores like Netmeds, 1mg, Pharmeasy etc carry authentic Himalaya products. Compare prices across sites.
  • Amazon – Look for the “Shipped from and sold by Amazon” tag to get genuine Hadjod tablets on Amazon. Avoid third party sellers.
  • Local Ayurvedic Stores – Visit reputable Ayurvedic medicine stores in your city. They usually stock Himalaya products. Check expiration dates before buying.
  • Himalaya Official Outlets – Himalaya has exclusive brand outlets in many cities. Visit one to get the freshest batches.
  • Avoid Unknown Sites – Don’t buy from unfamiliar websites to avoid fake/expired products.
  • Check Packaging – Authentic Hadjod tablets will have complete label details, Himalaya logo, expiry date, and intact tamper-proof seal.
  • Ask Your Ayurvedic Doctor – Reputed Ayurvedic practitioners may recommend or even provide genuine Himalaya supplements.

Always buy Hadjod tablets from reputable sources. This ensures you get all the joint and bone health benefits the authentic product offers.

Hadjod vs Other Joint Health Supplements

While glucosamine and chondroitin narrowly focus on cartilage, Hadjod takes care of the whole joint – reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and strengthening bones, muscles and connective tissue.

Unlike MSM that tackles only pain and inflammation, Hadjod also reinforces bone integrity for lasting relief.

Unlike turmeric that primarily targets joint inflammation, Hadjod improves overall musculoskeletal structure and function.

With mulitple, synergistic actions on all joint components, Hadjod is the all-rounder for maintaining fluid joint movement and resilience.

So for protective joint care beyond makeshift lubrication, choose the holistic power of nature – Hadjod.

Himalaya Hadjod Tablet (FAQs)

Q: Is Hadjod safe for long-term use?

A: Yes, Hadjod tablets from Himalaya are safe for regular, long-term use. The herbs present in it have been used in Ayurveda for centuries without any significant side effects. However, it’s best to take breaks every few months.

Q: How long does it take for Hadjod to work?

A: It may take around 2-6 weeks of regular use to see benefits from Hadjod tablets. However, some people note improvement in joint pain and inflammation within the first 10-15 days itself.

Q: Can I take Hadjod for knee pain?

A: Yes, Hadjod is beneficial for relieving knee pain associated with osteoarthritis, injuries, inflammations, sprains etc. Its anti-inflammatory and cartilage-protecting effects help reduce knee pain and improve mobility.

Q: Is Hadjod suitable for vegetarians? 

A: Yes, Himalaya Hadjod tablets are suitable for vegetarians as they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.


Looking for natural joint health support? Himalaya Hadjod Tablet is your answer.

With a powerhouse ingredient Hadjod (Cissus quadrangularis) that strengthens bones, muscles, and cartilage while taming inflammation, Hadjod tablets enhance joint health from all angles.

Whether you want to relieve arthritis symptoms, recover from injury faster, or prevent fractures, Hadjod has your joints and bones covered.

This time-tested Ayurvedic formula is free of side effects, non-habit forming, and suitable for long-term use.

So embrace healthy, pain-free movement with Himalaya’s Hadjod. Consult your doctor and make this herbal supplement your partner in managing joint disorders naturally.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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